Engaging Young Leaders

Engaging Young Leaders (EYL) participants learn to focus on the things that will make the most difference and to work with the things outside of their control in effective ways. Intentional Emergence, the revolutionary approach to leading and teaching, has been adopted by leaders, trainers, and educators around the world and is one of the only approaches to teaching leadership that is grounded in research.







Whether you are new to leadership education or who have been doing it for decades, Engaging Young Leaders offers a fresh approach to empowering young people and building community within any educational setting.

Join master teachers, Dr. Linnette Werner, David Hellstrom, Leslie Geissler, and Adrienne Kuchler Eldridge for a two day event in Minneapolis that will help you take your teaching to a new level, create a greater sense of community in your classroom or organization, and empower young people to solve the problems they are facing both inside and outside of your spaces.


Through this training you will learn:

  • how to help young people foster their own sense of leadership,
  • guide students from being dependent to co-creating empowering spaces with you,
  • tools for having both supportive and challenging conversations that move a group to a new level of growth, and
  • how to connect with others who can support you in becoming a master teacher.


Day 1: June 25th 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (lunch included)

Day 2: June 26th 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (lunch included)