The Intentional Leadership Institute was founded in 2018 to expand access to leadership development for everyone from executives to emerging adults. The founders, Linnette Lopez Werner, David Hellstrom, and Joe Krienke, partnered with leadership educators, consultants, and trainers to create a space where those who are called to make better communities, organizations, and systems can gather to work their edges.

The ILI’s mission is to develop leaders who solve problems in sustainable and inclusive ways. We believe that by empowering and growing leaders in every community and every organization, we can work together to create an inclusive vibrant, economically thriving, and civically engaged world.

  • At the ILI, we believe that leadership is
  • An intentional practice
  • Not necessarily linked to a formal position
  • Open to all
  • Inherently positive

The staff at the Intentional Leadership Institute are here to guide you and your organization through every leadership challenge you face from strategic planning, evaluation and change management to personal leadership development.

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